Ransomware – An Alarming New Trend

We here at Coinhako have come across a news article which provided some alarming statistics – in the past year alone, there have been 17 incidents of Ransomware in Singapore, up from just two in 2015! This points to a rather worrisome trend of a new type of malware that has hit our shores – Read a Bit more..


DinarDirham.com – Another Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme?

Recently, we’ve received questions from our Malaysian users regarding a new cryptocurrency company called DinarDirham – a “decentralised gold trading platform” that claims to be an innovative new way of combining blockchain technology with the lasting and stable value of gold. On the surface, what they are doing is nothing particularly new or innovative – Read a Bit more..


A New Look for Coinhako

Consider this can. Have you had a canned drink before? Have you opened a canned drink before? Tricky the first time but a breeze ever since. Now join us as you take a sip of your new can of liquid…assets? Bitcoin and digital assets have always been tricky to figure out so now we’ve made it Read a Bit more..


Ethereum and Bitcoin: Differences

Ethereum and Bitcoin, ever heard of them? A new cryptocurrency created in 2015, it’s been dubbed Bitcoin’s experimental younger brother. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin, it runs smart contracts which use code to execute autonomously. The smart contracts can interact with other contracts, make decisions, store data and send the currency Read a Bit more..