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Changes To Our 2FA Reset Process

We are really glad to announce that we have improved our 2FA reset process to further enhance your Coinhako Experience.

Request to reset your 2FA in 4 simple steps via a single platform

We will no longer be processing 2FA reset via selfie submissions to hello@coinhako.com.

Please follow these steps to process any 2FA reset requests going forward.

  1. Look for the ‘Reset 2FA?’ option on Coinhako.com.
  • This will be on the bottom-right of the pop-up prompting you to key in your 2FA.
  • This will only appear when you Buy, Sell & Send Cryptocurrencies with Coinhako.
  1. Click on ‘Reset 2FA?’

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 4.12.58 PM

  1. Upload a Selfie Picture through 2 methods.
  • Drag the document into the ‘Choose File’ button.
  • Find and select your selfie document on your Desktop by Clicking on ‘Choose File’.
  1. Select ‘Request 2FA Reset’ when you are done.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 6.14.08 PM

Selfie Guidelines

Please read through the selfie guidelines carefully before submitting the document to prevent any delays.

Selfies are an easy, convenient but secure method for both our users and us to verify requests.

No changes were made to our Selfie requirements and you will be presented with guidelines before you submit your request to reset your 2FA (refer to the screenshot below).

How long should I expect my 2FA reset process to take?

Our teams work hard to provide our users with the quickest possible response time.

However, as 2FAs are an integral part of our security measures, we seek your kind understanding that we receive a huge amount of reset requests on a daily basis.

Please give our teams at least 48 hours to complete any requests.

For further details about our 2FA reset process, you can refer to this article.

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Please note that this post is purely informational, not meant to influence any investment decisions or promote any products. Should you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate contact our support team at hello@coinhako.com.