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Coinhako Kicks Off First Ethereum-Funded Esports Sponsorship in Singapore with Team ALMGHTY

We are now proud official sponsors of Team ALMGHTY, an up-and-coming Mobile Legends team from Singapore.

Coinhako Kicks Off First Ethereum-Funded Esports Sponsorship in Singapore with Team ALMGHTY

Synergy between the cryptocurrency and gaming landscape has been increasing. More games are being built on blockchains, and in-game currencies turned into cryptocurrencies that people can buy and sell on exchanges.

With both esports and crypto being very tech-driven, there are close parallels between the two sectors, and endless possibilities.

Today, Coinhako is proud to announce that we are proud official sponsors of Team ALMGHTY, an up-and-coming Mobile Legends team based in Singapore.

Managed by Nixgen Entertainment and represented by Gushcloud, the ALMGHTY Mobile Legends squad is made up of six professional gamers, who placed fourth during the Singapore Mobile Legends’ Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) in May this year.

This marks the first-of-its-kind crypto esports sponsorship in Singapore, crowning Coinhako as the first cryptocurrency firm to embark on such a collaborative venture. The sponsorship will run July 2022, and will be partially funded in Ethereum.

“As a homegrown company, we believe in supporting local talents which make Singapore proud on the regional stage. The multi-talented ALMGHTY squad certainly embodies these elements and Coinhako is excited to embark on this sponsorship with ALMGHTY,”

Yusho Liu, CEO & Co-founder of Coinhako

Coinhako x ALMGHTY:  Reaching a mobile-first generation via esports

Founded by the top gaming KOLs in Singapore, ALMGHTY content creators in the region boasts a following of 11 million across its social media channels and live streaming platforms, in Southeast Asia alone. The collaboration will grant Coinhako access to ALMGHTY’s strong regional fanbase, augmenting our efforts to reach a younger audience within a mobile-first generation.

“As we continue to move forward in our mission of making cryptocurrencies accessible throughout Asia, this sponsorship will provide a boost in reaching a younger, mobile-first generation, and raising awareness through talented players in Singapore’s gaming industry,”

Yusho Liu, CEO & Co-founder of Coinhako

ALMGHTY’s 21/22 team jerseys will bear the Coinhako logo, and sported by the members during events and tournaments.

The sponsorship also presents the opportunity for Coinhako to heighten brand awareness by collaborating with ALMGHTY to create content, distributed via digital platforms including Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and more.

We are thrilled to embark on our journey with the ALMGHTY team, and firmly believe this is the right step towards elevating Coinhako’s position as a market leading platform.

Watch this space for more updates!

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