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Coinhako Spreads Prox-perity with Dogecoin Angbaos

Coinhako thanks its active users by giving out Dogecoin angbaos during Chinese New Year 2021.

Coinhako Spreads Prox-perity with Dogecoin Angbaos

On the first day of Chinese New Year, we sent auspicious amounts of DOGE to all our active users to wish them an ox-picious, bullish 2021 ahead! This is our way of thanking our valued users who have shown their continuous support over the years. Whether you’ve been part of the Coinhako family since 2014, or you’ve just jumped on the crypto bandwagon — we’re glad to have you trade with us!

The angbaos are valued anywhere from 8 - 88 Dogecoin, and awarded based on users’ level of activity on the platform.

**angbaos = Red packets that are gifted during the Lunar New Year and other special occassions as a symbol of luck

With all the recent hype surrounding the viral meme-inspired coin, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share our blessings by giving out DOGE to our active users and spreading abundant cheer during this festive season.

The DOGE angbao would have appeared in active users’ respective Coinhako accounts on 13 Feb, the second day of Chinese New Year.

In Chinese culture, the number ‘8’ eight has always been associated with wealth and luck.

The number 8 also sounds similar to the character  fa (发 (simplified) /  發 (traditional)  i.e. fa cai 发财), which means "well-off" or "to prosper” further supports the idea that it invites great wealth.

In the Taoist religion, 8 is associated with wholeness and completeness.  

While there are countless superstitions and that dictate why certain numbers bear luck, this 8-88 DOGE angbao is just our small gesture of gratitude and our wish for you and your loved ones to prosper, stay healthy, and happy for the year ahead!

Leave us a review and tell us what other giveaway ideas we can take on!

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