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Nepal Earthquake Relief Operation Donation Page

The team at CoinHako is deeply saddened by the Nepal earthquake that occurred last Saturday. While we engage in efforts to help at various levels, as a firm we have set up a Bitcoin account dedicated to receiving donations for relief and reconstruction efforts in Nepal.nepal earthquake relief

You may donate any amount to this address, and all proceeds will be sent to the Singapore Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief Operations. If you would like to donate via Bitcoin, cash, cheque, bank transfer – we have provided instructions via this link.

Why Bitcoin over traditional channels (cash/cheque,bank transfer)?

Fast, cheap, secure & transparent – Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be sent anywhere in the world. Your transaction will be executed within minutes, with no involvement of a bank or payment institution.

The cost per transaction is a few cents regardless of dollar value. This is much better in comparison with the fees levied by the credit card companies, which can range from 2-4% or more. As a result, all payments made to the Red Cross (or any non-profit) via Bitcoin will result in almost all of the donated money helping the people that need it. You will not unknowingly help a big corporation get richer even in times of need.

By collecting Bitcoin for the Nepal Earthquake Relief Operation, CoinHako is helping to ensure that Nepal Red Cross has access to 100% of the funds you generously donate.

If you would like to verify the transactions that happen via Bitcoin to the dedicated wallet service that CoinHako has set up, you may do so by looking up the wallet’s address. It is powered by the underlying technology of Bitcoin – the blockchain. Hence, you may rest assured of the transparency of the campaign.

Moreover, from CoinHako’s recent integration with BitGo, the account dedicated for receiving the donations will be a multi-signature wallet. Hence, it is more secure and importantly – insured against hacking/theft.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at hello@coinhako.com. We encourage you to be open-hearted for the benefit of countless families affected by the Nepal Earthquake. Click here to donate.

Team CoinHako