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Introducing Harmony (ONE) on Coinhako!

Introducing Harmony (ONE) on Coinhako!

What is Harmony (ONE)?

Harmony (ONE) is a blockchain platform focused on bridging the gap between scalability and decentralization efforts. ONE aims to overcome structural limitations inibiting cryptocurrencies from mass adoption, as money,  through 'Deep Sharding' - a progression from Sharding - to help build a high throughput, secured and energy efficient blockchain platform.

ONE tokens can be used to enable transactions on the Harmony platform.

At this time of writing,

  1. ONE is priced at ~US$0.011 per token
  2. ONE has a total market capitalization of over US$28 million!
  3. ONE is a ranked at 128 amongst all cryptocurrencies!
  4. ONE has a total token supply of 12.6 billion with over 2.5 billion of the ONE supply in circulation.

ONE was launched in May 2019 as an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the Binance Launchpad and prior to the IEO, ONE had also raised over USD 18 million from backings by globally renowned investors from the Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and others.

What's new at Coinhako with ONE?

A string of new trading pairs for ONE!

  • ONE & Singapore Dollar (SGD) pairing
  • ONE & Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) pairing
  • ONE & Vietnamese Dong Tether (VNDT) pairing

The addition of Harmony (ONE) on the Coinhako platform brings our total number of token pairings, tradeable with fiat currencies, to 35 on Coinhako. ONE can also be traded with all other 34 support tokens with the Coinhako Swap function

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Other Harmony (ONE) services

Coinhako users will also have a ONE wallet where they can Send, Receive and Store ONE.

ONE trading, sending and receiving is all fully supported on Coinhako Android, IOS as well as Coinhako Web.


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