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TRILLION NETWORK LAUNCHES, Backed by Coinhako, Mirana, Etherscan and Others

Trillion Network aims to transform the way money moves in the new digital economy by creating a well-regulated, borderless, accessible, and efficient digital payments network powered by its stablecoins.

TRILLION NETWORK LAUNCHES, Backed by Coinhako, Mirana, Etherscan and Others

Singapore, 20 June 2024 — Collin Cheong, Co-founder of Trillion Network, is proud to announce the launch of Trillion Network (“Trillion”), a financial technology group that aims to provide a frictionless global network for value exchange by transforming how money moves in the new digital economy. 

Trillion Network seeks to introduce two fully-reserved fiat-backed stablecoins by the end of Q3 2024:

  • Trillion USD (“TNUSD”), a fully collateralized digital currency that maintains a 1:1 peg with the United States Dollar (“USD”)
  • One (1) TNUSD can at all times be redeemed for one (1) USD on the Trillion platform
  • Trillion EUR (“TNEUR”), a fully collateralized digital currency that maintains a 1:1 peg with Euro (“EUR”)
  • One (1) TNEUR can at all times be redeemed for one (1) EUR on the Trillion platform

As part of Trillion Network’s initial roll-out, the team will be heavily focused on working with corporates in APAC to address current pain points posed by existing cross-border payment rails and provide a more reliable avenue for underbanked corporates to locally mint, issue, and redeem fully reserved fiat-pegged stablecoins. In terms of jurisdiction of issuance, Trillion Network is actively evaluating Singapore and Hong Kong as its primary base of operations under the upcoming stablecoin licensing regime in both jurisdictions. 

Backed by industry veterans such as Mirana Ventures, Etherscan, Coinhako, and others, Trillion stablecoins will first launch on the Ethereum network and will shortly thereafter be supported on other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible layer 2 (L2) scaling solutions. Trillion Network’s roadmap also includes introducing a cross-chain transfer protocol for stablecoins which will allow merchants, traders, developers, and holders of its stablecoins to move them natively across blockchains.

Collin Cheong, co-founder of Trillion Network, said, “It is a proven fact that blockchain-based settlements provide a much more efficient and reliable way for cross-border value exchange to take place. We started Trillion not only to address existing pain points experienced by users when moving liquidity across borders but also to fill the gap of having reliable and well-regulated stablecoin offerings in APAC.” 

Geng Sng, co-founder of Trillion Network said, “The future of digital payments will be on the blockchain, and to expedite this vision, merchants, traders, developers, and consumers will need a reliable stablecoin offering that is trusted and tailored to the APAC region, with Asian banking rails and regulated by Asian governing bodies. Trillion aims to be the trusted provider that our stablecoin holders can embed into their workflows, ecosystems, and payment transactions, and we are excited to be pioneers in this area.”

To learn more about Trillion Network, its whitepaper can be accessible here.

About the Founders

Collin Cheong formerly led the Legal and Corporate Business Development function at Coinhako, Singapore’s market-leading crypto platform, and played a key role in facilitating Coinhako’s regulatory licensing, business development, and strategic initiatives. Prior to joining Coinhako, Collin was a practicing lawyer at a leading magic circle law firm and had spent time in both the law firm’s Singapore and Beijing offices. During his tenure as a practicing lawyer, Collin frequently worked with multinational clients, private equity, and sovereign wealth funds and has extensive experience advising them on cross-border mergers, acquisitions, and investments.

Geng Sng previously led engineering efforts at Royal where he worked closely with the a16z crypto team and built out Royal’s music tokenizing platform, NFT marketplace, and decentralized protocols. Before that, he led various engineering teams at Abnormal Security, where he built the data platform and AI powering Abnormal Security’s products. Geng brings with him engineering and product leadership forged by multiple 0 to 1 journeys at some of Silicon Valley’s best startups. 

About Trillion

Established in 2024, Trillion envisions a world connected by a frictionless global network for value exchange and where financial services are made accessible to the masses. Trillion is on a mission to transform the way money moves in the new digital economy by creating a next-generation digital payments network that is borderless, accessible, efficient, interoperable, and secure. 

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Website: www.trillionnetwork.com