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Leyi is an intern at CoinHako for Summer 2016. She is passionate about FinTech and thinks that blockchain is pretty cool.
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How to send bitcoins from CoinHako?

Now that you have bought your bitcoins, you must be wondering how you can send some to your friends. Here is a guide on how to send bitcoins to your friends or another bitcoin user.

3 ways to send bitcoins to another user through CoinHako:

  1. Bitcoin address
  2. Email
  3. Handphone number.

To start, click send bitcoin from your dashboard

Receive and send bitcoins from CoinHako's dashboard

1) Bitcoin Address

If you know your recipient’s bitcoin address, you can send bitcoins directly to his/her address by keying it in.

send bitcoins through coinhako to another bitcoin address

2) Email address and Handphone number

If you only know your recipient’s email or handphone number, select the corresponding tab and type in your recipient’s email or phone number.

send bitcoins using email address
Your recipient will receive an email or sms with a unique code and a link.
sending bitcoin through sms

Your recipient goes to the link and keys in the code and his/her bitcoin address, either on CoinHako or an external wallet address.

receive bitcoins with email or sms

receive bitcoins with email or sms

Your recipient will then send bitcoins to his/her address and see the bitcoins in their wallet after 2 confirmations!

If you have any queries, drop us an email at hello@coinhako.com or chat with us from our website!