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Spend Bitcoin in Malaysia

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Find this to spend bitcoin in Malaysia

There are so many things you can do with bitcoin: mine it, pay your friends with it, sell it etc. But to fulfill its role as a cryptocurrency you must be wondering how to buy with bitcoin in Malaysia! We at CoinHako searched the internet for you and here is our verified list of merchants in Malaysia that accept Bitcoin as payment:

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Places to spend Bitcoin in Malaysia

1) Web Services

spend bitcoin in malaysia on web services

Spend Bitcoin in Malaysia on web services

Need a place to host your website? Here’s where to go in Malaysia if you only have bitcoin in your pockets:

Going overseas and facebook is blocked there? Try these VPN services which accept bitcoin payment

2) Food & Drinks

spend bitcoin in malaysia on food

Spend bitcoin in Malaysia on food and drink

Bitcoin is used more often for online payments, they appear rarely in face-to-face payments. These cafes listed here are the exception, as you can change virtual Bitcoins into meals that really fill your tummy.

3) Gadgets

Buy security devices and hardware wallets here, delivered to your doorstep. Pay with Bitcoin, the internet’s secure currency.

Places to spend Bitcoin outside Malaysia

Although Malaysia has few merchants that accept bitcoin, there are many international merchants who can satisfy all your other needs. Check out these other places to spend bitcoin at:

Bitcoin is still gaining traction in Malaysia, and there are more merchants who accept Bitcoin everyday. If you are a seller who wants to be ahead of the curve in accepting bitcoin, feel free to drop us a message at hello@coinhako.com!