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Take Charge of Your Crypto Data with Portfolio

Take Charge of Your Crypto Data with Portfolio

Whether you’re a crypto OG or just kickstarted your crypto journey, chances are you want to know how well your digital assets perform.

If you’ve expended the efforts to look for portfolio trackers to manage your assets, we’ve got good news for you — from now on, you’ll be able to track your crypto holdings on Coinhako seamlessly within the app itself.

Managing your crypto portfolio

You’ve probably come across the old adage, “Never put all your eggs in one basket”.

To hedge against volatility and manage risks, many crypto traders put their money in various cryptocurrencies, including top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, NFTS (for the brave), and altcoins and stablecoins.

Instead of managing their crypto portfolios manually, most people turn to digital trackers to help them take stock of their crypto holdings.

Using a crypto portfolio tracker can help you monitor your performance over time and track price changes in real time.

What can you do with Portfolio on Coinhako?

View your assets allocation

What kind of crypto trader are you? Do you like to play it safe with Bitcoin and Ethereum, or are altcoins more up your alley?

With Portfolio, you’ll be able to see the allocation of all the digital assets you hold on Coinhako - presented neatly in a donut chart, with percentage breakdowns to keep things nice and organized.

This nifty feature can help you determine whether you’ve been allocating too much of your budget into a specific crypto and will hopefully inform better trading decisions in your future.

PS. Check out Recurring Buys if you want to dollar-cost-average the smart way.

Monitor the current market value of your portfolio

Want to know how much your current holdings are worth? Portfolio allows you to view the real-time value of your digital assets, so you always know how much you’re worth.

View the average purchase price of your assets

Tired of manually calculating your average purchase price?

We show you your average purchase price on the Portfolio page. Keeping track of your average purchase price helps you manage your overall crypto portfolio better, giving you a clearer picture of your digital assets performance.

What’s next for Portfolio

Portfolio is now available on the app.

The team is also looking to enhance the current offerings for Portfolio, so keep your eyes peeled for a fresh suite of advanced additions to the Portfolio page, which will empower you to make better trading decisions

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