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5 Crypto TikTokers You Should Follow

Read about 5 crypto tiktokers that are creating TikTok cypto content that covers blockchain, NFTs, mining Bitcoin and more.

5 Crypto TikTokers You Should Follow

12 seconds. This is the average attention span of a Millenial. If we move on to the latest generation, Gen Z, the average attention span becomes even strikingly shorter at a mere 8 seconds.

So wait, don't go yet. We’ll keep this short.

Bored in the house and in the house bored? Put the global pandemic and Tiktok’s addictive reels together, and you get the recipe for Tiktok’s world domination.

With crypto interest also surging in 2021, there have been more content creators on Tiktok offering insightful comments, educational tips and memes about the market.

Here are 5 diverse list of crypto tiktokers we think you should follow:

1. The Wolf of Bitcoins

The Wolf of Bitcoin or Wolf, typically dons a Guy Fawkes mask in his videos. Despite this, his face and identity is not completely kept a secret from his followers as he does conduct interviews without the mask on.

The Canada based crypto influencer on Instagram before he switched to using TikTok as his main platform. Wolf is considered as the first cryptocurrency TikToker to have a crypto-related post that went viral.

Suitable for: Learning more about Bitcoin, getting insights on news and the different strategies to take.


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2. Coinbureau

Guy from Coinbureau

Coin Bureau is home to unbiased crypto knowledge, and serves as an informational portal. While “Guy” is the face of the account, the team actually consists of a group of professionals that provide an in-depth insight into blockchain technology, distributed protocols and cryptocurrency analysis. The Bureau also has an extensive collection of cryptocurrencies and uses many exchange and broker reviews.

Suitable for: Those who want to learn more about the blockchain, different crypto projects and get the latest tips with use of analysts.

3. Cryptocita

Cryptocita, also known as Alina, started her TikTok by creating mostly lifestyle content before transitioning to crypto-related videos.

One of her most viral TikToks was a Call of Duty series, where she shared being stuck in lockdown and befriending a guy from another apartment building, through her window.

Since her thrust into the spotlight, Cryptocita’s original series has garnered over 50 Million views in total—  the digital content creator has switched to creating content mainly about her mining adventures and informative videos about mining and crypto in general.

Suitable for: Those who want to learn more about crypto with a focus on mining.

Cryptocita’s latest Tiktok’s about mining 

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4. BitBoy Crypto

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BitBoy Crypto, also known as Ben Armstrong, has amassed nearly 2.7 million Tiktok followers with over 51.1 million likes. He began as a crypto influencer on Youtuber and later Tiktok, building a community called BitSquad for the last 3 years. BitBoy Crypto is a place to get the latest crypto news, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading advice.

Suitable for: Learning about different altcoins, historical Bitcoin cycles and getting the latest news.

5. Virtual Bacon


Self proclaimed NFT Addict and a crypto analyst, Dennis Liu has a following of over 250K on Tiktok. Apart from his NFT videos, he also typically updates his followers on what he is holding or planning to buy or sell, and why.

He provides daily updates on what the market is like currently and is transparent with his viewers on which posts are sponsored and which aren’t, keeping shilling to a minimum.

Suitable for: Those who want to be informed about a wide range of crypto as well as NFTs.

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