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5 Prominent Women in the Crypto and Blockchain Scene

Get to know some of the most prominent women in the crypto and blockchain industry. Coinhako champions women empowerment and fair employment practices.

5 Prominent Women in the Crypto and Blockchain Scene

Can you name a female well-known figure in the crypto scene? It’s unfortunate if you are struggling to come up with an answer, but understandable. The global average for women in the tech sector workforce is only 28 per cent, a testament of how underrepresented women are in this particular field

Growing Women Workforce in Singapore

Singapore prides itself as a model nation with a steadily increasing  number of women in the workplace. In the most recent data collected by World Bank 2019, the female labor force participation rate in Singapore recorded 61.1 percent - a nod towards more equal gender proportions in the workforce.

Progress in establishing gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in the country can be seen in the many conscious efforts to build an inclusive workplace. Some of the groups in place today include, gender equality advocacy group AWARE, women talent initiative SG Women In Tech, Singapore Council of Women's Organisations: SCWO and these are continuously increasing.

However, the strive for equality is not yet over.

5 Empowered Women in the Crypto and Blockchain Scene

From the aforementioned numbers, we can tell that only a small portion of the industry is held up by women. The battle to increase the proportion of women in tech is an ongoing one; but at the same time, we should recognise how far we’ve come in terms of female representation. What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day, than recognising the stellar achievements of fellow women in the space?  

We rounded up a few prominent women you should know about who are making waves in the crypto and blockchain industry.

Noelle has been part of the CoinDesk team since 2016, where she works on the newsletters, events and new products. With 10 years of experience in finance and 13 years as an entrepreneur, Noelle also teaches blockchain and cryptocurrencies at business schools in Spain, where she is based.

Amber is co-founder and CEO of Clovyr, an Ethereum startup reshaping how businesses connect to each other and the world's data. Having previously led JPMorgan's blockchain efforts and appearing on 2017’s Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young people in business, she “handily bridges the divide between the Wall Street and cryptosets.”  

Elizabeth Stark’s Lightning Labs is a company building second-layer software for the Bitcoin payment network. She is considered as one of the OGs of Bitcoin, motivated to build out the technology while staying true to the ideals of those who use it.

One of the leading journalists on the subject of blockchain. Shin is the host of Unchained podcast, one of the leading blockchain podcasts, and Unconfirmed podcast, one of the most interesting listens on the subject of cryptocurrency.

Susan Crew having worked in Fixed interest, Equities, Foreign exchange & Cryptocurrencies for 40 years is dubbed as the “Crypto Granny". Her youtube channel is a resource for getting up to date crypto news with a mission to help people learn cryptocurrency markets & financial markets so they can profit.

Importance of Women’s Day at Coinhako

Coinhako champions the empowerment of women in the workforce and in tech. We are also dedicated to adopting fair employment practices, believing that hiring based on merit allows for access to a wider talent pool and seizing potential candidates with a diverse set of perspectives.

Our female employees contribute to various departments and functions from marketing and design to user experience and operations. Women at Coinhako are given leadership roles, mentorship and are provided opportunities to grow.

“Today, we celebrate the strengths of the women in our team. Coinhako has grown from a single digit count of females to double, accounting for almost half of our total headcount globally and bringing us closer to a 1:1 gender ratio —which is uncommon in the tech space.”

- Coinhako Co-Founder and CEO, Yusho Liu

With a robust and growing team, Coinhako is working towards a paradigm shift from the notion that tech and crypto is a male-led industry.

While we acknowledge that deep rooted norms would take a long time to overthrow, we believe that this is a small step we can take to be part of the change and advocate women empowerment.  

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