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6% APY BTC on Bitcoin Pizza Day

6% APY BTC on Bitcoin Pizza Day

The date is 18 May, 2010. In a small and seemingly unimportant corner of the Internet, a discussion about pizza is about to change the world. Laszlo Hanyecs, going by laszlo on the Bitcointalk forum, has just proposed a trade: 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas with his favourite toppings (onions, peppers, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes and pepperoni, but no weird fish toppings)

It wouldn’t be until 22 May, 2010 before his offer was taken up by fellow forum prowler jercos (real name Jeremy Sturdivant), marking one of the first times Bitcoin would be traded for any physical products. While Laszlo overpaid for the 2 pizzas (worth 25 USD) with his 10,000 BTC (worth 41 USD in 2010) back then, the scale of this overpayment would only grow exponentially in the years to come (as of May 2022, 10,000 BTC is worth nearly 300 million USD).

Christening 22 May as Bitcoin Pizza Day, crypto-enthusiasts continue to celebrate this day 12 years on — as we do at Coinhako as well. Besides our special pizza-themed goodies (and equally cheesy puns), it’s only appropriate that we close out the festivities with something super sweet (like dessert, but better).

6% APY BTC on Coinhako Earn

We don’t know about you, but this is sounding pretty darn sweet to us. We’ll be releasing 1,500 28-day subscriptions soon, but first, we want to see your enthusiasm for pizza. Head over to our IG and comment 🍕on our latest post — once we see 300 individual slices, then we’ll know you’re ready to go!

Terms and Conditions

🍕 The 6% APY offer is limited to one redemption per user.
🍕 The 6% APY offer is only applicable to the 28-day subscription period.
🍕 Each user is only allowed to subscribe to a maximum of 0.0065  BTC.
🍕 This offer is limited to the first 1,500 redemptions.
🍕 This offer is limited to verified users whose accounts were created on or before 15 May 2022.
🍕 Users who participate in this offer must stay subscribed for the entire term. Early redemptions will result in forfeiture of interest.
🍕 Users who do not fulfil the stated requirements will be considered ineligible for this offer
🍕 Coinhako (the “Company”) reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any given time without prior notice.

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