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6 Crypto Youtube Channels to Broaden Your Bitcoin & Crypto Knowledge

Read about 6 Crypto Youtube Channels you should follow, from beginner to advanced, from animation to podcast style.

6 Crypto Youtube Channels to Broaden Your Bitcoin & Crypto Knowledge

So much content, so little time.

How do you stay informed about crypto trends and news, despite your hectic schedule?

Do you subscribe to news articles, follow every shocking headline that comes from major crypto news outlets? How about using social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, to discuss trending topics with the rest of the crypto community?

There are many platforms nowadays to get your news and trends from. Arguably, the easiest form to consume them is through Youtube, which has seen a number of crypto influencers blowing up over time.

Stuck in an infinite browsing mode?

Here are 6 of our team’s top picks— crypto youtubers that can help you widen your perspective and gain knowledge, while also enjoying their varying styles of content creation:

1. Chico Crypto

Source: Tyler Swope

If you follow crypto channels on Youtube then you may have already chanced upon Chico Crypto, as he is one of the most trusted crypto youtubers today.

The man behind Chico Crypto, Tyler Swope, is a self-confessed “die-hard crypto enthusiast” who also has a passion for writing, editing, and producing videos. Since the start of his bitcoin journey late 2013, Tyler has since grown his crypto portfolio to cover altcoins like Ethereum, Chainlink, MakerDao, 0x protocol, and more.

This channel is consistent in putting out new daily videos and doing impromptu live streams. At press time, Chico Crypto commands a massive fan base of over 250K subscribers.

Suitable for: Those with intermediate to advanced crypto knowledge, those who prefer a more realist approach to crypto.

2. Crypto Love


Hosted by YouTuber, Randall Trzaska, Crypto Love is considered as one of the most popular crypto channels.

As his youtube moniker suggests, his channel covers the crypto market and discusses Bitcoin and several altcoins with the aim of spreading insightful knowledge.

Suitable For: Those who want to get a deep-dive into charts and listen to opinions on what may happen in the future to different cryptocurrencies.

3. Aimstone


Unlike their fellow content creators, Aimstone rarely shows the host and focuses instead on using diagrams, an animated version of him, stock photos and clips of interviews that add on to the explanation of his videos.

He typically covers the latest and trending news surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, occasionally interjecting some of the host’s opinions. They are a good place to start for beginners who want to know how specific coins work.

They cover not only cryptocurrencies but also Financial Market in general and sometimes dabble in self-improvement videos. Aimstone posts around two videos a week.

Suitable for: Those who are visual learners and prefer to watch explanations accompanied with drawings/or photos.

4. Anthony Pompliano


Anthony Pompliano, better known as Pomp, is an American entrepreneur, investor, and host of The Pomp Podcast (formerly Off The Chain). His channel revolves around videos of interviews and personal opinions particularly with a focus on technology and finance.

He has been active on YouTube since February 2018 and is known for giving the floor to his interviewees who then talk in depth about their projects and beliefs.

Aside from Youtube, Pomp is active on Twitter and his website where he breaks down and analyses crypto news.

Suitable for: Those who like podcasts and want to get into understanding the technical side of cryptos as well as hearing from some of the bigger players in crypto.

5. Naomi Brockwell


Run by Naomi Brockwell, a producer for the award-winning 2015 feature documentary "Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It", this channel dives deep into factual information surrounding cryptocurrencies.

She is also a regular of the US national TV, discussing blockchain technology & current events. Naomi often brings in guests for her show, interviews them and often interjects with detailed and researched facts (no printer) along the way.

Suitable for: Those who prefer to watch discussions surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

6. Bitcoin and Friends


This channel makes a cartoon series that revolves around the lead character, Bitcoin as he maneuvers the fictional narrative set up for him.

The series is ongoing and has 8 episodes under its belt, all with durations of almost 30 minutes.

The mission of this youtube channel is “to dampen tribalism and refocus the crypto community towards our common goal” while also “educating newcomers about the history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.” The creators of this channel use stories with witty allusion to real life, to captivate their audience.

Suitable for: Those who are looking for something more light-hearted and want to be entertained by to see an animation series. Watch the anthropomorphic Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies going through different situations and even music videos.

Stay tuned for the next article on our recommendation series as we might cover Crypto Tiktokers. 👀

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