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ARB now available on Coinhako

ARB now available on Coinhako

When it comes to digital assets, only a few tokens manage to capture people's attention beyond the popular BTC and ETH. However, Arbitrum (ARB) has emerged as a game-changer, backed by a vibrant and dedicated community.

What is Arbitrum (ARB)?

Arbitrum stands out as an Ethereum layer-two (L2) scaling solution, leveraging optimistic rollups to enhance speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Built on the Ethereum foundation, it offers the security and compatibility of the Ethereum network while significantly boosting throughput and reducing fees through off-chain computation and storage.

The Native Token - ARB: Empowering Governance

ARB serves as the native token of the Arbitrum ecosystem, empowering holders with governance rights. Through the Arbitrum DAO, ARB holders can vote on crucial proposals that shape the platform, including feature enhancements, protocol upgrades, funds allocation, and the election of a Security Council.

Looking Ahead: The 2023 Arbitrum Roadmap

Arbitrum has an exciting roadmap for 2023. It includes the launch of Orbit, its own layer-three solution, enabling developers to deploy programs using popular programming languages like Rust and C++. Additionally, Arbitrum aims to expand its validator set, among other ambitious plans.

Now, you can trade ARB on Coinhako, joining the ranks of enthusiastic Arbinauts who believe in the project's potential. Don't miss out on the opportunities presented by this remarkable digital asset. Start exploring Arbitrum and its thriving community today!

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Discover the Unique Advantages of Arbitrum for Digital Assets

Arbitrum sets itself apart from other solutions in the realm of digital assets through a range of distinctive features. Here's what makes Arbitrum stand out:

Compatibility: Arbitrum seamlessly supports unmodified EVM contracts and transactions, allowing existing Ethereum DApps to run on the platform without any code modifications.

Scalability: Witness the impressive capability of processing thousands of transactions per second with low fees and fast finality. What sets Arbitrum apart is its ability to maintain the security guarantees of Ethereum while delivering exceptional scalability.

Flexibility: Developers can leverage the upcoming EVM+ equivalence feature called Stylus to deploy programs written in programming languages like Rust, C++, and more. This flexibility expands the possibilities for creating innovative applications on Arbitrum.

Decentralization: Unlike relying on centralized operators or sequencers, Arbitrum employs a decentralized network of validators who stake ARB tokens and earn fees for securing the network. This commitment to decentralization ensures a robust and secure ecosystem.

Moreover, Arbitrum stands as a leading scaling solution for Ethereum, offering a wide array of DApps, wallets, tools, and partnerships. It has earned its reputation as a go-to platform for unlocking the full potential of digital assets.

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Explore Seamless Trading of Digital Assets on Coinhako

  1. Trade ARB with Singapore Dollars (SGD) πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬
    Experience the convenience of ARB/SGD trading pairs available on Coinhako, enabling our Singapore users to effortlessly buy and sell ARB using Singapore Dollars (SGD). Simply fund your account with SGD to start trading ARB in your preferred currency.
  2. Trade ARB with US Dollars (USD) πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    Take advantage of the ARB/USD trading pair to evaluate ARB prices in United States Dollars (USD). Coinhako offers our Singapore users the opportunity to buy and sell ARB using USD by funding their accounts accordingly.
  3. Swift ARB Swaps with Crypto-to-Crypto Trading
    Coinhako provides a convenient Swap function, allowing users to trade ARB with other supported cryptocurrencies in their respective countries. Seamlessly exchange digital assets and diversify your portfolio with ease.
  4. Stay Updated with the Latest ARB Price News
    At Coinhako, we prioritize keeping our users informed about key news and updates on every supported token, including ARB. Stay in the loop through our various communication channels and stay ahead of the market.
  5. Instantly Fund ARB Trades with PayNow
    Say goodbye to delays. With Coinhako's integration of PayNow, you can fund your ARB trades in less than 60 seconds. Enjoy swift and hassle-free transactions for a seamless trading experience.
  6. Purchase ARB Instantly with debit/credit card
    Don't miss out on opportunities. Skip the deposit queue and instantly buy ARB with your debit or credit card. Coinhako offers a quick and secure payment method for acquiring ARB without any delay.

Discover the world of digital assets on Coinhako and unleash the potential of ARB trading. Join our platform today and start exploring a range of convenient features and services for a rewarding trading journey.

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