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AXS, CRV & GRT Launching on Coinhako Earn

Hold, earn and repeat with AXS, CRV & GRT on Coinhako Earn

AXS, CRV & GRT Launching on Coinhako Earn

Whether it’s a hyped collaboration between watch companies or the country finally easing COVID restrictions, it seems like there’s plenty to look forward to these days. While we may be lacking in the watchmaking (and governing) department, that doesn’t mean we have nothing up our sleeves.

We’re excited to share that three more tokens, Axie Infinity (AXS), Curve Finance Token (CRV) and The Graph Token (GRT) will be launching on Coinhako Earn come 2nd April 2022.

Keep a close eye on our socials to find out exactly when they drop!

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