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Bitcoin Channels About Crypto You Need To Follow By Coinhako

2020 has been an exciting year for Bitcoin and crypto! Keep up with bitcoin action by following these channels 👉

Bitcoin Channels About Crypto You Need To Follow By Coinhako

2020 has been an exciting year for Bitcoin, Coinhako and the cryptocurrency industry at large. Markets have been extremely dynamic, and as we’re writing this, Bitcoin is just sitting some 10% under $20,000 USD!

The resurgence of crypto price action has brought many users back to our platform again, and we’re thrilled to be welcoming many new users towards the end of the year!

We have a lot of exciting activities in the pipeline and we don’t want you to miss out on all this bitcoin and crypto action!

How can you stay updated? Check these channels out👇

1. Telegram

If you haven’t already heard, Coinhako has its very own bitcoin Telegram channel! Due to its popularity with our users, this has been one of our fastest-growing channels this year.

Through our Telegram channel, users get key bitcoin and crypto updates plus exclusive access to attractive giveaways and promo codes.

Join our vibrant community and participate in weekly polls and quizzes. Find out what other crypto enthusiasts are thinking -  it’s a safe space and we definitely allow gatherings of more than 5 people 🤫

2. Blog

Find out what the Coinhako team is up to via our blog!

Apart from introducing new token launches on our platform, we also cover important crypto news that will affect you. Some of these include educational content about trending topics in the crypto world - like the Bitcoin Halving, the Travel Rule, and Bitcoin Regulations in Singapore!

3. Coinhako app (IOS) / Coinhako app (Android)

On busy days, your morning commute might be the only time you have to catch up on what’s going on in the world. We’ve made it easy to get crypto news on the go!

Get the latest and most relevant trending topics anytime and anywhere with the Coinhako app 👇

4. Information Page

If you’re new to crypto, or simply want to find out how Bitcoin and other cryptos work, our information page is a great place to start!

Our crypto basics series lays down the fundamentals of various cryptos and breaks them down into byte-sized bits.

You’ll also find useful content on how to verify your account, make deposits and withdrawals, or reset your password. Our support page is also equipped with relevant content to walk you through account-related issues, so that you can beat the queue at our help center!

5. Other Social Media Channels 💬 📱

Get social with Coinhako on these channels!


Connect with us on LinkedIn to discover trending topics on all things fintech and crypto. Love Coinhako and want to work with us? Look out for our job postings - you never know when an opportunity might knock on your door!


Make friends with us on Facebook! We know not everyone has the time to read a full blog post so we make sure to update our Facebook community with the latest news. On top of that, stand a chance to win FREE crypto when you take part in our interactive giveaways.


Catch up on the latest crypto action in less than 280 characters. Reply us in a thread to start a conversation about anything fintech and crypto!


We’re here for your entertainment — see a different side of Coinhako on TikTok. Funny memes, trending challenges and more!

Watch this space for the latest updates!

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