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Bitcoin Pizza Day: Programmer Who Paid 10,000 Bitcoin for Pizza Has No Ragrets - Here’s What He’s Up to Now

Bitcoin Pizza Day: Programmer Who Paid 10,000 Bitcoin for Pizza Has No Ragrets - Here’s What He’s Up to Now

Would you pay $400 million for pizza?

With Phase 2 ( Heightened Alert) upon us, delivery is now the only way for us to enjoy savoury, pepperoni-laden pizzas in the comfort of our own homes.

But even if pizza was the last option on the delivery menu, would a princely sum of $400 million be worth it?

Back in 2011, Laszlo Hanceyz, then a young programmer, probably didn’t think he’d make history for paying 10,000 bitcoins in exchange for 2 large papa john pizzas.

Why is Bitcoin Pizza Day celebrated?

The annual celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day on 22 May commemorates Hanyecz's 10,00o bitcoin  one of bitcoin’s first commercial transactions. Back then, crypto was a nascent technology and Bitcoin was barely a year old.

Not many people knew about Bitcoin, and even fewer would think of using it as a form of payment.

Though commonly remembered for his 10,000 bitcoin purchase, Hancyecz actually did much more for the  Bitcoin community on top of his now-multi-million-dollar pizza purchase.

The talented young programmer had coded a program that would eventually advance Bitcoin mining in a significant way. Hanceyz made it possible for miners to mine Bitcoin using their computer’s graphic cards (GPUs) instead of computer processors.

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What is the Bitcoin Pizza Guy up to now?

In an interview with Coindesk last year, Hanyecz revealed that he harbours no regrets paying 10,000 bitcoins for the pizza.

During the same interview, Hanyecz opined that “Bitcoin is a way to harness greed,” - citing speculation as an integral part of Bitcoin’s DNA.

Hanyecz is currently working as a developer for an e-commerce company and apparel brand GORUCK, who started accepting bitcoin payments in 2018.

Laszlo Hanyecz and the GORUCK team celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day in 2018

Where can I spend bitcoin in Singapore?

Kopitech at Funan

Yes, you can now pay for your Nasi Lemak or Ban Mian in Bitcoin! Like its name suggests, Kopitech is local food court that hopes to drive further digital adoption by allowing its customers to order and pay seamlessly.

Customers can pay for local dishes in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Creatinium.

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If you didn’t already know, the Singapore ride-hailing startup allows users to pay for ride-hailing services in bitcoin! Crypto-savvy users are offered the option to top-up their RYDEPay wallets with either a credit card or Bitcoin. The process is fairly seamless, does not incur transaction fees or require personal or financial data.

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