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Coinhako Is Supporting The Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork

Coinhako Is Supporting The Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork

Coinhako is pleased to announce that we will be supporting Ethereum's (ETH) Istanbul Hard Fork at Block #9069000!

To ensure a smooth transition for all our users, we will be implementing a maintenance window at 4.00am (SGT), 08 December 2019, Sunday, during which wallet operations for all ERC20 and ETH will be temporarily unavailable.

Your existing ETH assets will not be affected and are safe with us.

What is the ETH Istanbul Hard Fork?

The Istanbul Hard Fork, ETH's 8th Hard Fork, is a network upgrade that will implement changes to operation codes.

These changes will mitigate spamming blocks and improve overall denial-of-service attack resilience. ETH will also enjoy greater interoperability with Zcash, alongside other Equihash-based proof-of-work cryptocurrencies.

After the Istanbul Hard Fork maintenance window is over, all ETH and ERC20 related services will resume and users may trade on Coinhako as per normal.

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