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Coinhako Service Pause 1st Mar 19 - Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Fork

Coinhako Service Pause 1st Mar 19 - Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Fork

The latest Ethereum (ETH) Fork, Constantinople, is estimated to occur on Friday, 1st of March 2019, and we have** important news for all Coinhako users!**

The ETH Constantinople Fork will be a hard fork and as per our policy of handling Forks at Coinhako, there will be service pauses to protect users and their funds.


Please take note of these timings

  1. All Coinhako Services:  12.00-2.00am (SGT), Friday, 1st March 2019
  2. Depositing (Receive) and Withdrawing (Send) ETH & all ERC20 tokens at Coinhako: 12.00-6.00am (SGT), Friday, 1st March 2019 (SGT)

*****As block time varies, *Services may resume slightly sooner or later than the estimated window

Important Fork Notes

  1. Only ETH Constantinople will be supported at the time of the fork.
  2. The fork is estimated to occur within the stated time.
  3. If you wish to send or receive any ETH or ERC20 tokens, we recommend doing so at least 24 hours before the service pause.

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