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GrabPay Supported on Coinhako To Enable Instant Access to Digital Assets

GrabPay Supported on Coinhako To Enable Instant Access to Digital Assets

Enabling GrabPay on Coinhako will allow users to purchase digital assets instantly on our platform, and offer users a more diverse range of payment options.

We believe that introducing GrabPay payments is a step in the right direction, and is closely aligned with our vision of improving access to crypto.

GrabPay on Coinhako

With the addition of GrabPay on our platform, buying crypto becomes even more convenient.

Users can look forward to a seamless, hassle-free crypto trading process when they pay with GrabPay. Payment is processed instantly and only requires users to enter a six-digit OTP sent directly to their mobile number to complete the transaction.

By offering users ultimate convenience, the GrabPay feature allows users to seize opportunities and execute trades in the nick of time, without having to wait for deposits to reach their account.

Buy crypto instantly with GrabPay

Enjoy instant trades when you fund your trades with GrabPay.

Follow the steps below to buy crypto using GrabPay:

  1. Launch the Coinhako app
  2. Tap or click on the token you wish to purchase
  3. Under the “Buy” tab, enter the amount you wish to spend and select “GrabPay” as your payment method.
  4. You will be prompted to open the Grab app
  5. Tap the green “Pay” button to complete the payment.
  6. Done!

**Please note that there is a 2.5% flat fee  for GrabPay purchases. This fee covers both payment processing fees and trading fees.

**After 12 September, GrabRewards points will not be awarded for purchases made on Coinhako using GrabPay.

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