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Instant SGD deposits are now available on Coinhako

Instant SGD deposits are now available on Coinhako. Coinhako Singapore users can now deposit SGD to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly on Coinhako.

Instant SGD deposits are now available on Coinhako

The Coinhako team is thrilled to share that instant SGD deposits are now available for Coinhako Singapore users!

Since our establishment, we have focused on becoming the easiest way to access Bitcoin and other digital assets in Asia. Making SGD deposits available for Singapore users has helped us engineer a seamless on-and-off-ramp to the crypto-economy, allowing users to convert Singapore Dollars (SGD) to bitcoin, and bitcoin to SGD.

Due to operational circumstances in the past, we often had to toggle between bank accounts to ensure that SGD deposits remained an option for our users.

Our recent transition towards a more sustainable banking solution enables us to offer users greater stability and convenience, providing instant access to the crypto market.

Top up your Coinhako SGD wallet and enjoy instant access to crypto

Unlike before, Coinhako users can deposit Singapore Dollars into their Coinhako accounts at any time of day and get credited near instantly.

The instant deposits feature enhances our current suite of payment rails available for users , which encompass other instant payment options like card payments and Grabpay.

How instant SGD deposits work

Coinhako Singapore users can fund their Coinhako SGD wallet by making a FAST transfer from their bank account of choice.

Bank transfer details can be found on the Deposit page under the SGD wallet, and each user is assigned a unique virtual account number to which they should make the transfer.

Make an SGD deposit by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Coinhako app
  2. Select your SGD wallet
  3. Select β€œDeposit”
  4. Make a FAST transfer to the unique virtual account number provided on the Deposit screen
  5. Your deposit will be credited within minutes!

πŸ“š Need help with making SGD deposits? Check out our step-by-step guide here on how to do so!

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