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MyInfo Now On Coinhako For Singaporeans to Start On Bitcoin & More!

We are very excited to introduce MyInfo, as part our enhanced user verification process on Coinhako. Singaporeans can enjoy instant verification.

MyInfo Now On Coinhako For Singaporeans to Start On Bitcoin & More!

We know verifications and document submission can be a huge hassle for everyone, but it is part and parcel of building a safer financial system – as well as for cryptocurrencies.

To ease things up for all users, we are very excited to introduce MyInfo, as part of our enhanced user verification process on Coinhako.

MyInfo is a Government service for Singaporean Citizens or Singaporean Permanent Residents (PR) to manage the use of their personal data for online transactions. With this, all Coinhako users now have the option to complete their address verification simply by logging into MyInfo WITH THEIR SINGPASS, and consenting to share the data with us.

All Coinhako users can now enjoy a more seamless identity verification – or Know-Your-Customer (KYC) – and embark on their first Bitcoin (BTC) and Digital Payment Tokens (DPT) trades on Coinhako quicker than before.

The addition of MyInfo is not only a great new addition for all our users on top of our existing suite of verification services, but also further demonstrates our years of commitment towards building a more accountable cryptocurrency landscape in Singapore.

This will definitely be crucial in ensuring our position as a Licensed Operator in Singapore and the continuity of our Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency services for all Coinhako users, for many more years to come.


On 6 May 2020, all registered Coinhako users were prompted to submit documents for a mandatory account re-verification. As part of this update, the usage of MyInfo for the Address Verification was officially launched on Coinhako.

**If you have completed this after 6 May 2020, no further action will be required.

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We would like to thank everyone for their kind understanding on the matter. Your cooperation will go a long way in our license application process.

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