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Optimism Bedrock Upgrade

Optimism Bedrock Upgrade

The one thing that binds all iconic landmarks across the globe is foundation. While some may scoff at the idea that it is anything but a crude mixture of concrete and steel, what it symbolizes is more than the principles of good construction — a strong foundation represents potential, the capacity to reach great heights and beyond.

One has to imagine that this is the ethos behind Optimism's ambitious Bedrock upgrade — the significance of the name of this upgrade was meant to symbolize the laying of the foundation for the great things ahead, which of course includes a Superchain. Before we get into all that, let us bring you up to speed about everything Optimism.

What is Optimism?

Aside from being a state of mind, Optimism is also the name for the layer 2 solution on top of Ethereum. It gets its name from the optimistic rollup technology that bundles transactions into one to improve speed of transactions and lower gas fees.  

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Optimism Superchain explained

Optimism describes the Superchain as “a horizontally scalable network of chains that share security, a communication layer, and an open source development stack.”

​​The Superchain would constitute a network of chains all built with Optimism’s OP Stack, built to serve as reliable foundation for building chains. The Superchain will combine these mini-chains together so that they are able to communicate amongst each other in one environment.

This permissionless system allows for scalability, apps and a revenue model that rewards app developers for the fees their chains generate, and rewards protocol developers for the public goods they create.

Why the need for the Bedrock upgrade?

For the Superchain dream to happen, many upgrades have to be made to the current Optimism infrastructure to fortify it — Bedrock’s primary goal is to lay the groundwork for future upgrades to happen. Bedrock is also supposed to make Optimism more competitive with Arbitrum, its biggest rival.

For starters, this upgrade aims to reduce gas fees by 40% by implementing “an optimized data compression strategy,” and introducing mechanisms that mitigate reorgs — when a blockchain produces two blocks at the same time and it temporarily creates a duplicate blockchain — to help reduce deposits confirmations to 1 minute.

Proof modularity OP Stack, an open-source toolkit for developers, will also be improved so developers can build in customizable environments on Optimism, as well as introduce other code changes that will improve node performance. After the upgrade, validity proofs and fault proofs can both be used with the OP Stack.

Optimism will also move to a multi-client ecosystem, meaning there would be at least two versions of software used to interact with the network, making it the first layer 2 protocol to have multiple clients.

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Staying Optimistic

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