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Refer a friend and Earn BTC together

Refer a friend and Earn BTC together

The process of making friends as an adult seems like an arduous one, especially when you compare it back to when you were a kid. No matter how outgoing or extroverted you may be, there is a certain anxiety that comes with making an acquaintance — one that did not seem to exist in your childhood.

One thing that brings people together more than anything else is a shared goal — be it a common enemy or congruent aspirations, people are more likely to come together if they believe their interests are aligned. Now you may be wondering what business a blog from the best Singapore crypto exchange has philosophizing about friendship, but the smart ones already know from the title.  

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Why should I bother referring anyone to Coinhako?

Aside from the fact that you’d be depriving your friend of seamless and safe crypto trading experience, you’d also be missing out on earning some sweet BTC. That’s right, you’ll receive your referral bonus in BTC. All you have to do is create custom referral links for different friends to adjust the commission rate split so you & referred friend can both get a cut of the trading fees.

Once done, simply copy the referral link and start inviting friends to trade — you can even get bonus commission when you refer more friends to Coinhako!

How do I refer my friends to Coinhako?

Arguably the most difficult part of referring your friends to Coinhako is acquiring friends — so if you’ve got that part figured out, the rest is a piece of cake:

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1. Login to your account on the Coinhako app

2.Navigate to the Account tab

3. Tap on Refer a friend

4. Tap on View all

5. You can find your default referral link here

6. You can also make a new link by tapping on Add new referral link. You can name the link and choose to split the commission with your friends.

7. Once done, tap on Confirm

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8. Once you have the referral link you want, simply copy it and share it with your friends.

9. Alternatively, you can also invite them via the email function, or giving your friends your unique invitation code for them to enter on the app

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10. Once your friends accept the invitation, all you have to do is wait for them to complete their first trade and you will receive your referral commission in BTC.

Frequently Asked Questions about referrals

How much referral commission do I get?

Each user is given a base commission rate of 20% of trading fees. Users can split referral commissions any way they like, by creating custom referral links for different users.

When will I receive my commission?

Referral commissions are credited every 48 hours — you can check your commission history on the Coinhako app under Account > Refer a friend > View details.

Where to enter referral code?

Referred users can enter their friend’s unique referral code on the Coinhako app under Account > Refer a friend > enter their referral code here

Is there a way to get more commission?

Yes, you can enjoy up to 10% in bonus commission when you refer 26 or more people to Coinhako.

For the detailed breakdown of bonus commission and other information about the referral program, click here.  

Other features on Coinhako to check out

Now that you’ve gotten all your friends to check us out, maybe you’d like to become a power user and find out more about all the available features on Coinhako like Recurring Buys and Price alerts — if nothing else, at least you can impress your friends!

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