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Unveiling Coinhako Privé – The Trusted Digital Asset Management Platform For HNWIs and Institutions in Asia

Enter Coinhako Privé, a distinguished digital asset management platform created for institutions and high-net-worth individuals.

Unveiling Coinhako Privé – The Trusted Digital Asset Management Platform For HNWIs and Institutions in Asia

After years of consultations, experiments and research, we are pleased to officially unveil Coinhako Privé. Created to suit the growing demands for Coinhako services from institutional and High-Networth Individual (HNWI) customers,

Coinhako Privé offers specially tailored bespoke services for an esteemed class of clients to manage their digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Think of it as visiting a bespoke tailor where every detail of your custom-made suit is crafted to perfection, except that with Coinhako Privé, our team of dedicated experts assist you with managing your digital asset portfolio.

Every step in your journey with Coinhako Privé is accounted for with unrivalled attention to detail, to service your digital asset needs. Coinhako Privé will be a key part of your digital assets outfit before you know it.

At Coinhako Privé, we believe that great service begins with addressing what matters most to you.

(1) With this launch, all Coinhako Privé clients enjoy round-the-clock access to this curated suite of services:

  • Institutional grade liquidity and digital asset management tools
  • Whiteglove services provided by a dedicated personal relationship manager
  • Zero percent trading fees and competitive pricing

(2) Embark on a partnership with a trusted name in the digital assets space since 2014, with Coinhako Privé.

The Coinhako brand is renowned across Asia, and is trusted by more than 300,000 retail customers in Singapore and thousands more regionally since 2014. We pride ourselves on being a household brand name for users to access Bitcoin and other in-demand cryptocurrencies, and providing years of unreplicable trust in the region.

With the experience we have accumulated in providing over the years, you can be assured that your digital assets will be in the hands of a world-class institution.

(3) Robust regulatory frameworks and explosive growth has propelled digital assets onto the global stage, creating greater institutional interest and demand for platforms like Coinhako Privé.

While our retail customers have grown exponentially over the years, we have also witnessed a notable increase in our institutional client numbers and clients trading through our OTC desk to trade in larger blocks.

In order to better serve this growing customer segment, our team set out to craft this bespoke solution to better suit their needs.

What’s a Coinhako Privé Client like?

Coinhako Privé is suitable for individuals or institutions who are looking for tailored solutions to handle their digital asset needs.

Opening an account at Coinhako Privé

1. Help us get to know you better by filling in this form.
2. Your relationship manager will be in touch within 3-5 business days.

Upon creation of your Coinhako Privé account, you will be gifted a welcome pack from our team to make your onboarding experience a smooth one - our small way of thanking you for making us your digital asset management platform of choice.

Be among the first 25 to register your interest for Coinhako Privé between 8th to 12th Nov and receive a $200 sign-up bonus.

**Only applicable to the first 25 sign-ups.

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