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Valentine’s Day Coinhako Merch Giveaway

Stand a chance to win exclusive Valentine’s day merch!

Valentine’s Day Coinhako Merch Giveaway

Crypto prices may fall, but I’ll only fall for you/

You’re my crypto-nite!

Find this pickup line cringeworthy?

This Valentines Day, take inspiration from this bad pickup line as we are giving out an exclusive Coinhako umbrella for the cheesiest pickup lines you can come up with! 🧀 We want cheese for days this Feb 14.

☂️ 100 lucky winners will be walking away with a limited edition Coinhako crypto umbrella in tow and have the last laugh!

How to submit an entry to the giveaway:

✅ Comment your pickup line

✅ Tag a friend (Or your crush if you dare 😉)

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