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‘Bitcoin As Usual’ At Coinhako Amidst COVID-19 Season – No Service Disruptions

It is ‘Bitcoin As Usual’ here at Coinhako and there will be no service disruptions amidst the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.

‘Bitcoin As Usual’ At Coinhako Amidst COVID-19 Season – No Service Disruptions

It is ‘Bitcoin As Usual’ here at Coinhako and there will be no service disruptions amidst the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.

Since the declaration of Covid-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), many businesses have reported disruptions to their services.

The nature of our business, on the other hand, allows us to exercise a fair amount of flexibility with our operations, and even amidst all the social distancing measures, such that we do not have a need to disrupt any of our services.

As a company, we have been able to quickly deploy a mobile workplace amongst our team, and all members at Coinhako have been working remotely to support you, for a few weeks now!

As a user, you can expect no disruptions to our services , and you may continue to buy, sell, swap, send and receive cryptocurrencies – like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more – as per normal.

In fact, while social distancing and minimal person-to-person contact is increasingly encouraged, the contactless nature of cryptocurrencies might just render it as one of the better ways for you to transact!

To ensure smooth transactions on your end, our team will continue working to the timeline commitments for these services on our platform

  1. Daily bank deposits clearance, at 10AM and 4PM (GMT + 8)
  2. Due to high volume, please allow additional 1-3 working days, on top of the usual timeline for withdrawals to bank accounts,
  3. 2FA resets within 24 hours

We’re prepared #SGUnited

Singapore’s timely action against the spread of COVID-19 has seen the implementation of several preventive measures, to contain the spread of COVID-19.

To protect the health and safety of all our employees, we have paid close attention to advice from the Ministry of Health (MOH), and set up measures to ensure business continuity.

We are actively following the daily updates on the virus and are monitoring the situation closely just in case we need to introduce changes to ensure the health and safety of all our employees.

To inculcate good personal hygiene practices in our workspace, the management has distributed hand sanitizers and face masks to each team member for personal use. The team has been advised against reporting for work if they exhibit flu-like symptoms, and are expected to serve the 14-day stay home notice if they have travelled abroad.

Every team member is expected to inform the management if they have been in contact with individuals with quarantine orders (QOs) or suspected cases.

Be Vigilant To Ensure Security of Your Funds

As an increasing portion of the workforce has started to work from home, people tend to be more active on their mobile devices.

In recent weeks, we have observed scammers becoming more active, leading to a spike in  scams carried out on mobile devices and Communication apps – like Telegram, Viber, Wechat, Whatsapp and more.

For more information about guarding yourself against online scams, click here.

We urge everyone to be extra vigilant and to avoid sharing confidential information over publicly accessible channels, or on messaging services. Coinhako would also like to emphasise that we will never initiate private conversations with users on social channels, nor request for your email address and/or password.

The coming months may prove to be challenging, given the black swan event, which is the Covid-19 pandemic.. As a company, we will endeavour to operate as normally as possible, and provide a seamless trading experience for all.

Remember to adopt good hygiene practices, wash your hands to protect yourself and loved ones during this time.

The Coinhako Team wishes everyone good health.

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