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Bitcoin Interns from Sydney!

CoinHako had the privilege to work with a team of highly motivated bitcoin interns from the University of Sydney over the past ~2 months. This time, we collaborated with QLC.io, a startup based in Singapore that helps you to explore alternative career and lifestyle experiences.

But don’t fret and panic about dropping everything just yet. We want to help you take the small steps. Use our short term, remote and flexible projects to try something different, something more suited to your interests, goals and personal pursuits.

This summer, we welcomed the biggest group of interns at CoinHako. Through their QLC-ship, they worked around content marketing and research on blockchain and digital currencies. We thank you for your dedication, curiosity and fantastic work!

Bitcoin Interns from Sydney:

bitcoin interns mary

Mary is an enthusiastic student from The University of Sydney, majoring in Finance and Analytics. She is interested in a career that applies her passion for Fintech and data science. She is a committed team player and through her experiences she has developed an analytical mindset and a strong work ethic.

bitcoin interns alex

Alex is a a passionate Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) student at the University of Sydney, and interested in pursuing a career in buy side investment. I believe that both emotional and analytical intelligence are key to adding value and achieving optimal solutions for modern firms in financial services.

bitcoin interns mark

Mark is a passionate student, looking to enter into consulting or banking with interests economics and public policy. Through his experience he has been driven to deliver create and practical results. Mark values a creative solutions, positive team attitude, commitment to a cause, and emotional intelligence.

bitcoin interns selina

Selina is currently a second year student studying a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Sydney, with plans to graduate in 2018. My majors are accounting and business information systems

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.11.45 pm

David is a driven student, majoring in Economics at the University of Sydney. Through his experience so far, he has developed a positive, analytical approach to problem solving and teamwork. David hopes to apply these skills to a career in corporate finance or financial consulting.