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Coinhako 101: Everything You Need To Know About Our Features And More

Coinhako 101: Everything You Need To Know About Our Features And More

When you look up the word “loyal”, some synonyms that may show up include “ardent” and “devout”. While those words are perfectly fine to use, these terms seem inadequate when applied to a tech context — we’d much prefer to describe our ultimate loyal fans using the term ‘power user’.

But the question is, what makes someone a power user? What does it take for someone to enter the upper echelon of usage? For starters, they would minimally have to be familiar with trading on our app and all our payment methods.

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What features are available on the app?

Coin details

Coin details, one of our latest features introduced, shows key information about your favourite cryptos. Some of the information you can expect to see are market cap, all time highs and lows, 24-hour volume and background information about the crypto.

Find the coin detail section by selecting any crypto on the Superwallet page.

Recurring Buys

Whether you’re a lazy trader or a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) champion, Recurring Buys is a feature bound to make you happy. All you have to do is deposit your funds into your Coinhako account, set your schedule and we’ll take care of the buying part for you.

You can create a Recurring Buy on the Account page > My Recurring Buys > Create Recurring Buy

👉 Set a Recurring Buy

Address book

Imagine that you have tons of friends that you contact on a regular basis, but you had to remember their phone numbers by heart because there was nowhere to store it.

Now expand that 8-digit phone number to a 26-character wallet address and you’ll figure out just how useful having an address book is.

You can create add an address by going to the Account page > Address book > Add new Address.

Price alerts

Everyone has a price — at which they would like to buy their favorite crypto. Instead of making you eye the market manually and painstakingly tracking the ebbs and flows of crypto prices, we introduced price alerts to help notify you when your desired price comes around. Just set up the alerts and sit back while we monitor the market for you.

You can set up price alerts on Account page > Price Alert > Add Price Alert.


Like to catch up on news while you’re on the go? Then you’ll love our News tab, which lets you read crypto industry news without even leaving the app. We crawl the internet for all the latest crypto news, so you never miss a beat.

Navigate to the News feature by tapping on the News section at the bottom of the screen.

What else is coming up?

We’re always working on new features to improve the Coinhako experience, and we’re not slowing down.

Besides welcoming Arbitrum (ARB) to our platform, we’ve also brought in the coin status page where you can view all available tokens on Coinhako.

While we’re not quite ready to show what else is in store for the rest of the year just yet, we can give you a couple of clues — the next feature you see from us will show you the past and the present, and hopefully inform your future.

Stay updated with Coinhako

You can’t call yourself a power user if you’re not up to date with our latest offerings — which is a good time for us to shamelessly plug our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. We regularly update our blog with content and product launches, so you should definitely check back here regularly.

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