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How to Get Free Bitcoin (BTC): 5 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

How to Get Free Bitcoin (BTC): 5 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, or as it’s more familiarly known, BTC, is undoubtedly the gold standard when talking about crypto. It’s the crypto you refer to when grandma asks what cryptocurrency is because it’s the one she’s most likely to have heard of.

But more than anything, people would prefer to get the cool new thing at a reasonable price — for some that price starts and ends with the number zero. While expecting to get BTC for absolutely nothing seems inherently unreasonable, it’s actually not impossible — if you know the right places to look (here).

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What you need to get started

  • Access to a computer (preferably one that you own)
  • Access to a smartphone
  • A place to store crypto
  • Some friends

What are your options?

Well, most of these are going to take some (a lot of) time (because nothing in this world is ever free):

Option 1: Play games

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If we’re talking about getting free stuff, playing games for it is far and away one of, if not the best option. Plenty of GameFi companies out there are more than happy to give you crypto in exchange for you playing their game. The catch here is of course the amount of time you would have to put in to accumulate a respectable amount. Some mobile games to consider would be Bitcoin Miner and Lightning Crush, both of which reward players with BTC.

Option 2: Get your cashback in BTC

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You won’t have to feel that guilt the next time you unleash your inner shopaholic, because now you can at least receive cashbacks in the form of BTC. There are some browser extensions out there that reward you when you shop at retailers that they partner with — all you have to do is install said extensions and shop away.

Option 3: Referring your friends to Coinhako

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Yes, you already know we had to include our referral program on this list. It’s simple really — all you have to do is get your referral link, send it to your friends and wait for them to sign up and start trading. You’ll receive a cut of their trading fees that you can choose to share with them, if you want (no judgment from us).

Option 4: Become a taskmaster

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Ask anyone who’s served National Service about downtime and they’ll tell you about all the better things they could have been doing. Now instead of whittling the time away for nothing, you can earn BTC from doing surveys, watching ads or trying products. One drawback of this option is that the space is an easy target for scammers, so users have to pick their platforms carefully.

Option 5: Mining

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Okay, this option isn’t technically free per se, especially when taking into account the power bill and the amount of money you have to spend on your mining rig. But this is one of the most stable ways you can get BTC without outright buying it from an exchange (plus it’s the original way of getting BTC for free).

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the most popular way to get BTC is to buy them — where better to buy than on a Singaporean crypto exchange that makes your experience safe and seamless.

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