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Coinhako Continues to Support Zilliqa Mainnet Swaps Until 15 February 2020

Coinhako Continues to Support Zilliqa Mainnet Swaps Until 15 February 2020

Coinhako is pleased to inform our users that we are still supporting Zilliqa Mainnet swaps on our platform.

After we rolled out support for the Zilliqa mainnet in May last year, we have been supporting near-instant ERC20 Zilliqa tokens to mainnet Zilliqa token swaps ever since.

What is the Zilliqa token swap about? Why is there a need for it?

Zilliqa launched their mainnet in early 2019, becoming the first public blockchain platform to implement sharding.

As a token swap was due after shifting from the Ethereum network to its native mainnet, Zilliqa partnered with top exchanges to help facilitate the token swap.

Coinhako is honoured to be one of the few!

The Zilliqa token swap will allow token holders to convert ERC20 interim ZILs, built on the Ethereum network, into native ZIL tokens at the ratio of 1:1.

After 15 February 2020, the current ERC20 ZIL tokens will become frozen and thus obsolete - holders of the ERC20 ZILs will not be able to trade or swap them after the token swap deadline.

Don't let your ZIL tokens go to waste! With just slightly over a month until the deadline, you still have time to swap your tokens.

Swap your ERC20 ZIL tokens for mainnet Zilliqa on the Coinhako platform in just four simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a new Coinhako account or log into your Coinhako account
  2. Create a new ETH address - if you already have an ETH address, you can simply use that one.
  3. Send ERC20 ZIL to your ETH address
  4. Wait for your first deposit to be credited
  5. ๐ŸŽ‰ Done! Your ERC20 ZIL tokens have successfully been swapped to mainnet Zilliqa tokens.

The first deposit to Coinhako should be credited after 20 confirmations. Once the ERC20 deposit balance is available in your account, you may withdraw it instantly as mainnet ZIL.

If your deposit has not been credited after an hour, please drop our support team a ticket at hello@coinhako.com with your transaction ID.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸผDon't miss the token swap deadline! โš ๏ธ ย Make your swap now!

*The information presented on this article does not constitute as investment advice and is purely for educational and/or informational purposes.

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