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Available Now: Zilliqa Mainnet Support!

Available Now: Zilliqa Mainnet Support!

We are excited to roll out support for the Zilliqa Mainnet starting today.

Coinhako users can now send and receive mainnet Zilliqa using the Coinhako web platform or our mobile apps (Android, iOS).

To receive mainnet Zilliqa, navigate to the receive screen for Zilliqa, and generate a new address.

IMPORTANT: Address Compatibility

DO NOT send ERC20 Zilliqa to your mainnet deposit address. Any ERC20 Zilliqa sent to a mainnet address will be lost permanently, and can not be credited to your Coinhako account. We are not able to recover any ERC20 Zilliqa, Ethereum, or other ERC20 tokens sent to your mainnet Zilliqa address.

DO NOT send mainnet Zilliqa to the deposit addresses for Ethereum or ERC20 tokens within your Coinhako account. Any mainnet Zilliqa sent to an Ethereum or ERC20 deposit address will be lost permanently, and can not be credited to your Coinhako account.

All Zilliqa withdrawals are now processed on the Zilliqa mainnet - ERC20 withdrawals are no longer supported.

IMPORTANT: When withdrawing your mainnet Zilliqa, you must ensure that you are sending it to a mainnet Zilliqa address - sending it to an Ethereum or ERC20 address will result in a permanent loss.

A Note On Addresses

Zilliqa Mainnet addresses look very similar to Ethereum addresses, and can be hard to differentiate without a checksum.

What is a checksum?

A checksum helps detect errors, such as a missing letter or an typographical error, in addresses - They are common in crypto currencies, and have been part of addressing for a long time.

Ethereum and Zilliqa checksums are both created by taking an all-lowercase address, and making certain letters uppercase based on the previous letters.

Coinhako and Checksums

Coinhako will always display a checksum address for Zilliqa and Ethereum. For safety reasons, we do not allow Zilliqa mainnet withdrawals to addresses without a checksum.

If your Zilliqa mainnet wallet does not support checksums, you can find the checksum version of your address by checking your address page on viewblock.io/zilliqa. The Moonlet wallet project has an excellent summary on the various scenarios involving checksums.

For example, if we want to find the checksum version of Coinhako's hot wallet address, 0x3a8b8ecf0a6ab5aafa08ea4c74a84e27b208ebea, we can open its ViewBlock page, https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/address/0x3a8b8ecf0a6ab5aafa08ea4c74a84e27b208ebea, and copy the checksum version from there, outlined in blue below.

Swapping ERC20 Zilliqa

Coinhako continues to support the Zilliqa swap - to swap your ERC20 Zilliqa, generate a receive address for any ERC20 token and send your ERC20 ZIL to it (DO NOT use the Zilliqa receiving address, it is only for receiving mainnet Zilliqa).

Every Monday, until further notice, we will swap all ERC20 ZIL from the previous 7 days to mainnet ZIL.

Trading Discount Exclusively for Zilliqa Traders

Until July 6th, 2019, Zilliqa traders trading against any of Coinhako's fiat pairings can get a 30% discount on trading fees. To access the discount, apply the promo code for your fiat currency below:

Singapore users: 30ZILSGOFF
Vietnamese users: 30ZILVNOFF
Indonesian users: 30ZILIDOFF


*The information presented on this article does not constitute as investment advice and is purely for educational and/or informational purposes.

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