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Crypto Address Books Now Live on Coinhako

Our Address Book feature is now available to all Coinhako users! Add, store and retrieve wallet addresses seamlessly and send crypto to wallet addresses you know and trust.

Crypto Address Books Now Live on Coinhako

At Coinhako, we are continuously looking for new ways and opportunities to enhance the app experience for our users. Most recently, our product team looked into ways to improve wallet features — we’re happy to introduce our Address Book feature, which has recently gone live!

Our Address Book feature allows users to add and store an unlimited number of crypto addresses, making it easier and safer for users to send crypto to trusted addresses seamlessly.

What is the Address Book?

The address book is a new feature which allows users to seamlessly save and retrieve wallet addresses on Coinhako.

With the Address Book feature, users can add, store and retrieve wallet addresses seamlessly. Sending crypto becomes more convenient as users can bypass the step of entering a wallet address each time a crypto transaction is made, by saving addresses just once.

What can I use the Address Book for?

Save wallet addresses that you frequently send crypto to

Say goodbye to copying and pasting the same wallet address and repeated QR code scans every time you need to send crypto, because you can now save as many wallet addresses as you want for future use.

Assign names for each wallet address

Differentiate between the different saved wallet addresses by giving each wallet address a unique name.

Search for saved wallet addresses

If you have a long list of addresses, you can heave a sigh of relief because you won’t have to look through the addresses one at a time, thanks to the search function.

How do I use the Address Book?

Need help navigating this new feature? Read on to find out how to use the Address Book.

How do I add new addresses to the address book?

  1. Go to the ‘Account’ tab and click on ‘Address Book’
  2. Select ‘Add new address’

3.   Fill up the relevant fields on the pop-up and select ‘Confirm’ once done.

Try using the address book now

How do I add an address origin when sending crypto?

  1. On the ‘Send Crypto’ page, select the address origin.

2.  Select the relevant address origin from the drop down menu

The address book is also part of our efforts in complying with the Travel Rule according to the Payment Services Act (PS Act) in Singapore. This ensures the continuity of our services for Singapore users.

👉 Check out our FAQs about Travel rule here.

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