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How Coinhako’s UI Is Designed to Make Bitcoin & Crypto Easy

The thought process behind Coinhako’s renowned simple UI unpacked by our resident UI expert and senior designer.

How Coinhako’s UI Is Designed to Make Bitcoin & Crypto Easy

Back in 2014, Coinhako was founded with one main goal in mind: to bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the mainstream.

User experience stands at the forefront of the customer journey — so to appeal to the mainstream, we had to find ways to engineer the optimal user experience.

And how did we get here at Coinhako?

“We wanted to be sure that once the new UI was released, it would be the best fit for users and our business.”

Our resident UI expert and senior designer, Marcus, shares the thought process behind it.

Why Keep A Simple UX On A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?

“I like to call Coinhako the ‘trading platform for grandma’ as our UX is user-friendly, even for non-tech-savvy people. We work to make the experience as simple as possible and maximize the accessibility of the product, so that it can be used by a wide range of users at any age, from any field.”

As the lack of understanding is one of the biggest hurdles to adopting new technology, a simple UX can eliminate much of the complications to trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for new tech adopters.

“Our design process behind every UI update starts with an overall assessment, before proceeding to research on pain points, developing solutions, defining the user flow, building a visual style, superimposing them onto mockups. Then we deploy the prototypes to be tested and developed before releasing updates for users.”

Data-driven Design Is Key For User Simplicity

“We need to understand and identify pain points faced by the users, such as not being familiar with technology, or some of today’s popular UI interactions.”

The User Interface (UI) team at Coinhako adopts a design approach that is backed by user data, to ensure that our platform is optimized to suit the needs of our target audience.

While millennials represent the largest percentage of the Coinhako user base, a significant number of users come from Generation X and beyond. This is telling of a user base that might face difficulties when dealing with Tech products like ours.

By identifying such user characteristics and behavioural patterns, we are able to map out a clearer path on how we should approach our web and app designs, and work to provide an optimized experience for our users.

Working To The User Journey

Applications, whether on web or mobile, serve as gateways to cryptocurrencies for our users in Singapore and Vietnam. Our senior designer likes to think of applications as tools.

“Tools must work right, before anything else.”

For a cryptocurrency trading platform like Coinhako, UX design runs much deeper than the aesthetics.

We need to factor our user journey into every facet of our design, to produce – not just good — but effective user interface design.

“It’s the work of the whole system: how we handle every single API request, minimize response time, optimize data packages for better loading time, making the web app and the mobile app as similar as possible, take care of every pixel of our design,”

Mapping out the user journey, researching on user pain points, assessing usability and understanding the psyche behind user behaviour, like how they would navigate the app is crucial to defining an optimal flow and refine the overall user experience.

Prioritising Usability and Efficiency

The nature of our business frames the way UI design is executed at Coinhako.

As a Cryptocurrency platform that provides trading and wallet services, we are accountable for all the funds of our users in their account. To supplement this, the overall user experience needs to provide a sense of transparency, straightforwardness and simplicity – our designs were developed to incorporate these factors :

1.Easy Access to Funds

Access points wallets and information of funds should always be in view of users and any function(s) that involve the transaction of funds (‘Deposit’ and ‘Withdraw’) should be distinctly labelled for visual clarity.

2. Enhanced Privacy

Everyone’s got that nosy friend that likes to look at what you’re doing on your phone — we always made sure to cover that!

For example, users are able to “hide” their wallet balances to guard them from prying eyes.

3. Everything at a glance

Having to fit a plethora of functions into one-page is no easy task.

It is, however, critical in ensuring a seamless trading experience for our users.

You will find that every page on Coinhako is optimized with the grouping of relevant information and key functions, paired with strategic content placement for visual simplicity.

Review, Revise, Refine

Take a peek at the design process leading up to the release of our latest mobile UI — the initial design underwent several rigorous rounds of reviews, and multiple iterations were produced before everything was finalised.

To derive the best conclusions, our team ran usability tests to gather feedback so that we could refine our UI design model — but it didn’t stop there.

“We modelled the Coinhako wallet after an actual, real-life wallet. We did this by employing ‘The Card Stack Concept’, which imitates physical interaction between objects. This helps to bring a touch of reality to our virtual applications.”

Localising for multiple country markets

Coinhako has been servicing multiple country markets across Asia for many years now.

“As we provide our services in multiple markets, we had to consider developing different versions of the application. Our process revolved around the question — how can we construct the same experience yet create components to support different needs of users in various regions?”

The design team went a step further to localise the experience, by creating different versions of the application for both markets.

And there you have it —

The easiest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency platform in Asia is formed!

We hope you have enjoyed this piece of content about the UX design process at Coinhako!

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