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PayNow is Live on Coinhako - Fund Your Singapore Cryptocurrency Trades within 60 seconds

PayNow is Live on Coinhako - Fund Your Singapore Cryptocurrency Trades within 60 seconds

Made a transfer to your friends, paid for meals or other items while shopping online with PayNow? Looking to trade cryptocurrencies in Singapore? Now you can fund your trades with PayNow, the peer-to-peer funds transfer service that's widely used for making payments in the country.

What is PayNow?

Launched on 10 July 2017, PayNow provides peer-to-peer funds transfer services for retail and corporate customers of various participating banks and participating Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NFIs) in Singapore.

Learn more about whether your bank offers this service.

Users typically use PayNow to:

  • Make purchases and bills
  • Transfers funds to others

Coinhako users can easily fund their Singapore cryptocurrency trades with PayNow, making the process faster and more convenient than ever.

What’s new with PayNow on Coinhako?

There’s nothing we love more than helping people access the crypto economy.

With the addition of PayNow, funding your trades on Coinhako becomes easier (and faster) than ever.

  • Fund your account within 60 seconds
  • Make a PayNow deposit by simply scanning a QR code or keying in our Unique Entity Number (UEN) – learn more below “How do I use PayNow?”
FAST Transfers and PayNow
  • PayNow is completely free-of-charge.

How do I use PayNow?

With just four simple steps, you can deposit funds into your account within 60 seconds. PayNow is completely free-of-charge and comes as the latest payment option on top of Coinhako's suite of payment options to trade cryptocurrency in Singapore.

Depositing Via PayNow

1. On the Superwallet page, select the Deposit button under SGD.

2. Select PayNow as your preferred payment method

3. On this page, you will see your PayNow deposit details:

  • UEN: 201332728RSGD
  • Unique deposit code: Unique to each user and transfer method
  • PayNow QR: Contains the UEN and deposit code unique to each user

4. Copy and input the UEN and Deposit Code into your banking app to deposit. Alternatively, you can save the QR code as an image and upload it to your banking app.

Ready to use PayNow on Coinhako? Make a PayNow transfer

Expanding our payment options for your convenience

PayNow also comes as the latest payment option on top of our growing suite of payment options to trade cryptocurrency in Singapore, as we seek to make access to the crypto-economy as seamless as possible for our customers.

Coinhako users in Singapore can now fund their wallets and / or purchase cryptocurrencies with any of the following options.

SGD wallet funding from your bank account to Coinhako

Direct crypto purchase

Crypto wallet funding

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