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Security: Largest-ever Database of Breached Online Credentials Discovered

Ensuring the security of our users’ data and funds is of utmost importance for us. We are writing this article to share with you an alarming new discovery in the world of Cyber Security.

The largest-ever data pool of breached user data & credentials was discovered earlier this week.

A consolidated database, consisting of over 1.4 billion username and clear text password pairings, has been found to be circulating in underground community forums in the Dark Web. This is almost twice of the previous largest online credential exposure and information related to Bitcoin dealings & processes were found to make up a substantial portion of the database.

Credits to 4iQ, the Cybersecurity firm, for discovering this breach and we strongly recommend visiting their article, for more information about the database.

Why should I care as a user?

“This is not just a list. It is an aggregated, interactive database that allows for fast (one-second response) searches and new breach imports.” – 4iQ

Anyone who gains access to this database has extremely fast and easy access to any of these 1.4 billion user ID and passwords pairings. There is a chance that your information could have been compromised while surfing the internet and added to that list.

Given the likelihood of users reusing passwords, this greatly increases the chances of your funds with Coinhako or any other platform(s) being compromised.

What can I do as a user?

Two minds are better than one.

As technology continues to grow a rapid pace, so does the threat of cybersecurity breaches.

Here, at Coinhako, we firmly believe that an empowered and well-informed user base is key to building a strong cybersecurity system. While we are actively seeking ways to further enhance our security measures, we sincerely hope that our users can take steps in protecting their own data too.

Here are some tips to take away to help protect your online data and Coinhako funds:

  1. Check your data at haveibeenpwned.com. This is a free site developed by Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director, which allows you to check if your email(s) have been compromised.
  2. Do a password(s) change, especially if you have found any of your details to be compromised.
  3. Start using Renowned Password Managers to help generate encrypted passwords and manage your password(s).
  4. Download our User Security Guide for further tips and good daily browsing habits to protect your online data.

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