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Upcoming Token Swaps: Binance Chain

Upcoming Token Swaps: Binance Chain

Binance Chain Mainnet Swap

Coinhako will be performing an initial mainnet swap on Monday, May 6th to convert the ERC20 BNB to the newly launched Binance Chain.

If your BNB is already stored in your Coinhako wallet, no further action is needed on your part.

If your BNB is stored in another wallet, it must be sent to Coinhako by 11:59 PM, May 5th to be eligible for the swap next week.

In the event that you are unable to deposit the ERC20 BNB before May 5th, it may be deposited after May 5th as well. BNB deposited after May 5th will be converted to mainnet BNB at midnight every day.

What happens after the swap

  • Effective Monday, May 6th, all BNB withdrawals will be processed on the Binance Mainnet. You will no longer be able to withdraw ERC20 BNB.
  • Effective Monday, May 6th, users will be able to generate their Binance Mainnet deposit addresses and deposit mainnet BNB into their Coinhako accounts.


The Binance swap is available to all Coinhako users.


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