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Coinhako Tips to Avoid Telegram Scams

Coinhako Tips to Avoid Telegram Scams

Telegram is a great communications platform for companies to engage with their communities and customers. We have made the decision to launch the official Coinhako Telegram Group to extend this benefit to all our users.

On the other hand, there is an increasing number of reports of scammers posing as Coinhako admins, on Telegram, since the launch of the group; this is becoming commonplace across the industry, as well as for any other companies that have a Telegram presence

As the safety of our customers is always a key concern, here are some tips that everyone should take note of, when on Telegram:

  1. Message you on Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, SingPost, or any other communication channel except our official ticketing system at https://support.coinhako.com (also accessible using the help option on the website and within the mobile apps)
  2. Initiate a private conversation with any users outside the Telegram Group - All announcements and replies are posted on the group only, we never message anyone privately
  3. Ask you to submit any KYC documents, identity documents, selfies, or any other personal information outside of our website and mobile apps' KYC and 2fa processes
  4. Ask you for your Coinhako account password, email account password, or 2fa codes in any scenario - We NEVER need to know your password or 2fa codes.
  5. Ask you to deposit fiat or cryptocurrency into an account for account issues, safekeeping or anything else that a scammer will claim they need your money for
  6. Offer a higher-tier account or secret trading privileges in exchange for a deposit or payment of any kind

To stay safe, ensure that you:

  1. Only contact us using https://support.coinhako.com for any account related issues
  2. Do not share your account details, email, password, or 2fa codes with anyone
  3. Enable 2fa on your account and do not share the 2fa codes or backup secret with anyone
  4. Immediately lock your account if you notice any withdrawals or logins that were not performed by you


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