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How to maximise Coinhako’s Rewards Programme

Learn tips on how to maximise the rewards you get on Coinhako.

How to maximise Coinhako’s Rewards Programme

The popular crypto VeChain (VET) is currently valued at 15,000 Coinhako points.

🤔 Ever redeemed this reward before?

If you’re struggling to get enough points to claim the exciting bundles we have, then you’re in luck! There are tons of opportunities to maximise the rewards you get out of Coinhako. Here are some tips we have for you:

Tip 1: Log in via the Coinhako Mobile app for 2X points

Wanna get rewarded for checking crypto prices daily? Simply logging into Coinhako daily nets you daily login points, which can be used to redeem crypto rewards later on.

Want to accumulate points faster? Just log in via the mobile app, which awards you double the number of points (20 points) compared to logging in via the desktop app.

When a user logs in using the web, they are rewarded 10 points. In contrast, when using the  mobile app the user gets double the points (20 points).

💡 Tip 2: Don’t break your login streak

At Coinhako, consistency is key. For every 7 consecutive days of logins, a user is awarded bonus points.

The first week gives you an extra 70 points on top of the 20 daily points received for logging in. The second week nets you a sweet 140 points, and by the 21st consecutive login, you’ll rack up 230 points (210 + 20) in just one day.

Daily Reward and 7 consecutive days Point History

💡 Tip 3: Be on the lookout during festive occasions

On top of the current crypto rewards being offered on Coinhako, we also offer seasonal crypto  bundles.

Current Reward Offerings

If you weren’t aware of it, in early October we released a MATIC bundle. These bundles are well worth due to their affordable points and sizable crypto amount exchanged.

Take a look at the special bundles we have offered so far:

ZIL National Day and MATIC bundle

💡 Tip 4: Always open push notifications

We typically send push notification reminders via the Coinhako app to prompt you to log in and check in on crypto prices. We got your back, in case it slips your mind!

Push notifications help you to hold your streaks longer, keep you informed about any new/ special reward bundles and alert you to ongoing promos and more importantly, price alerts.

If you are not getting these reminders, ensure that you have your notifications turned on.

How to turn on your notifications

If you have yet to activate the push notification, simply head to Coinhako > ‘Account’ tab  > Alerts. This should trigger a notification pop up that you can choose to allow.

💡 Tip 4: Make a trade for extra points

You earn points every time you buy, sell or swap crypto on Coinhako. If you aren’t aware of this, you can check your point history to get a breakdown of your points from previous trades.

👉 Trade now

💡 Tip 6: Follow our Coinhako channels

You’d be missing out on exciting stuff like giveaways, promotions, new crypto reward bundles and more if you’re not following any of our social channels.

To be updated with new happenings and to truly maximise rewards on Coinhako, follow us here:

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