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Recharge prepaid phones with Bitcoin

Coinhako is thrilled to partner with California-based Bitrefill to offer prepaid mobile airtime recharge via Bitcoin & Ethereum on our platform. Bitrefill’s API will allow you to access 500 carriers in 127 countries and tap into a $450 billion fraud proof prepaid top-up marketplace.

If you are travelling to a new country or do not speak the local language, you can now top-up your phone without visiting a convenience store to buy credit. “We do exactly what a local 7-Eleven would do in that country,” said Bitrefill founder Sergej Kotliar.

It has never been easier to top-up your phone while travelling. Your bitcoin top-up will happen within 10 minutes. Top-ups are processed automatically to your operator (sometimes you may have to confirm a PIN code sent to your email) but regardless, you will not have to go through the hassle of complicated recharge instructions in a foreign country.

Recharge Prepaid using Bitcoin:

Step 1. Log in to your wallet from www.coinhako.com.

Step 2. Select the tab on the top column titled “Bitcoin Mobile Top-up”.

Step 3. Input your phone number.

Step 4. Choose the amount you want to refill ($10, for instance).

Step 6. Confirm bitcoin payment via Coinhako wallet. (Once payment is complete, the page will read “Payment detected.”)

Step 7. Done!

Most major carriers are covered by Bitrefill, but if you’re not sure, type in your number and find out! But double check that you are topping up the right phone number. If your order has been delivered successfully but to the wrong number, we cannot cancel it.

You will typically have 15 minutes to complete your transaction. Since bitcoin prices fluctuate frequently, we give you a price quote in BTC for a limited amount of time. If it takes longer for you to complete the process, that’s not a problem! The page will automatically refresh to reflect the price change.

There is no additional fees for this process. There may be markups for bitcoin payments, but this fee is the same as or lower than the markup for credit card payments.

It’s really that simple! And remember: you can do more than just top-up your own phone. If your friends and family are abroad, you can directly top-up their phones from the comfort of your couch.

Whether you are in Singapore or Sierra Leone, you can transfer bitcoin funds faster and at lower costs than ever before!