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Coinhako is now on Google Cloud for storing and securing transaction data!

Coinhako is now on Google Cloud for storing and securing transaction data!

We are glad to share that Coinhako is now operating on Google Cloud Platform for the storage and security of our transaction data, to better facilitate your access to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and more cryptocurrencies!

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Why Google Cloud?

The migration to Google Cloud opens us up to features that allow us to provide Coinhako users with a reliable and secure digital currency platform, regardless of market fluctuations.

Enhanced Service Reliability and Efficiency For Our Users

Trading cryptocurrency is volatile business and swings that lead to traffic spikes cannot be predicted. According to the International Monetary Fund, the deviation for daily Bitcoin (BTC) prices is approximately ten times higher than in most major currency pairs such as Euro/Dollar.

Operating on Google Cloud allows us to spin up extra resources but still enjoy a discount from on-demand price. These discounts on committed use fit in very well for the volume we face.

Operating on Google Cloud also opens up our platform to these other benefits:

  • Coinhako is able to build new features for users much faster while operating on Google Cloud.
  • Coinhako transactions can be validated much faster via nodes hosted on Google Compute Engine.

Greater Security on Coinhako with Google Cloud

Security is always of utmost priority at Coinhako.

The transition to Google Cloud enhances data security for Coinhako users and our platform by providing us with added layers of security atop the development of new features.

  • Coinhako now has enhanced data security with Google Cloud's built-in security encryption feature.
  • Security concerns between components - such as user wallets from frontend services - can be isolated to boost security.


*The information presented on this article does not constitute as investment advice and is purely for educational and/or informational purposes.


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